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Parameter Types and Groups

This section describes parameter types and functional groups.

Read/write, Read-only, and Write-only Parameters

Parameters are read/write, read-only, or write-only. The parameters you set when configuring the terminal are read/write parameters. Read-only parameters report various types of statistical information.

Parameters containing passwords and encryption keys are write-only. When displayed through a TELNET connection, write-only parameter values are shown as follows:

When displayed through Change Setup Parameters, write-only parameter values are shown as follows:

Parameter Groups

The parameter groups are listed in Table 6-1. The name of each parameter within a group begins with the group name. Groups correspond, for the most part, to the hide boxes displayed in Change Setup Parameters when invoked from the Console, except for the pref group, which appears only in Change User Preferences.

Table 6-1 Parameter Groups
Group Name
boot Terminal booting
browser The NCD Mosaic Browser
config Terminal configuration, including access control
diag Diagnostics logging, including access control for the Diagnostics daemon
dps DPS (Display PostScript) resource file
enet Read-only Ethernet statistics
exec Execution of and access control for local clients
file File service (including the terminal's local file system)
font Read-only X server font statistics
icmp Read-only ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) statistics
ip Internet protocol (including IP addresses and routing)
java Java parameters
lat LAT (Local Area Transport) protocol
login Login services, including XDM (X Display Manager) and the Login Chooser
modules X server module parameters
ncd3270 3270 terminal emulation parameters
ncdnet NCDnet (DECnet) networking, including name service
net Network interface options
nfs Read-only NFS (Network File Service) statistics
parallel Parallel daemon parameters
pex PEX parameters (some PEX parameters are in the pref group)
ppp PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) and SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol)
pref User preference items (audio, bell, compatibility, console commands, fonts, input devices, OpenGL, PEX, power management, screen saver, screen background, SIE, graphics, and touch screen)
pwireless Read-only wireless statistics
serial Serial daemon, including access control for both the Serial and Parallel daemons, and serial port configuration
snmp SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
tcp TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) statistics and characteristics
tcpip TCP/IP networking, including name service
term VT320 terminal emulation, including terminal emulation choosers
tftp Read-only TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) statistics
time Time zone and time servers
tokring Read-only Token-Ring interface statistics
udp Read-only UDP (User Datagram Protocol) statistics
unit Miscellaneous terminal attributes
video Playing videos
wincenter WinCenter colors and resources
xremote XRemote configuration and statistics
xserver X server attributes and access control (including graphics, color, fonts, X extensions, keyboard, font server, X resources, input devices, and touch screen)

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