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Configuration Methods Overview

All terminal configuration methods operate on the same database of terminal configuration information. Daemons running in the terminal manage the terminal's configuration database.

This section briefly describes configuration system components.

Configuration Daemons

The Configuration daemon loads the initial configuration from NVRAM when the terminal boots and reads the initial configuration file. The daemon also provides both network and local access to all of the terminal's configuration data.The User Preferences daemon provides network and local access to user preferences data only.

Configuration Parameters

The two basic types of parameters are read/write and read-only. Some parameters take single values, others take several, and others are organized into tables of values. The parameters essential for terminal booting are saved in the terminal's NVRAM; others must be loaded from remote configuration files when a terminal boots. Parameters are grouped and named according to their functions; for example, the names of parameters in the "boot" group all start with boot. For details about the different types of parameters and about parameter groupings, see "Parameter Types and Groups".

Configuration Language

Remote configuration files and interactive remote configuration through a TELNET connection use a common language. For details about the language and assignment statements, see "The Configuration Language".

Default Configuration Values

The default configuration of an NCD terminal is a combination of settings in the terminal's NVRAM and settings in the X server. X server settings take effect after the X server is loaded and executed.

Default configuration values allow the terminal to run with a minimum of configuration effort. Some default values change during operations as a result of network operations and the status of processes. For more information about default and optional values for specific parameters, see the alphabetical listing of configuration parameters in the Remote Configuration Parameter Quick Reference.

Configuration Methods

The methods of configuring NCD terminals are:

Access Control for Terminal Configuration Data

NCDware provides the following types of access control for terminal configuration data:

Controlling access to configuration data, statistical data, and local clients is described in the System Administrator's Guide, except for parameter protection, which is described in "Protecting Configuration Parameters".

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