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Keyboards and Downloadable Keyboard Definitions

This chapter describes NCD-supported keyboards and downloadable keyboard files. For the N-97, N-101, VT220, N-108, N-107, and N-123 keyboard groups, there are illustrations showing keycap legends and associated decimal keycodes for the US version in each keyboard group, tables listing the keysyms that result when the terminal uses the default keymap for the US version in each group, default LED values, key combinations for accessing the Boot Monitor, and key combinations for accessing the Console from keyboards lacking a Setup key.

The following topics are described in this chapter:

This chapter does not describe keysyms for the foreign language versions of NCD keyboards. To see a keymap of a foreign language keyboard, use the X Window System utility xmodmap(1).

The NCDware System Administrator's Guide for UNIX Systems and the NCDware User's Guide describe concepts needed for understanding keyboard usage and keyboard attachment and configuration. The System Administrator's Guide also shows how to use the X utilities such as xmodmap and xev for keyboard configuration.

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