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About this Manual

This chapter provides information about this manual and other NCD publications.

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for system administrators and network administrators who are responsible for:

The manual assumes familiarity with the UNIX operating system, the X Window System (X), TCP/IP, and local area networks-Ethernet or Token-Ring.

If you are not familiar with X, NCD recommends the series of books published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. The series includes books for users and for system administrators.


In most cases, the ncdinstall program is the most efficient way to prepare a terminal for booting and to make sure that necessary network services and files are available. Besides placing NCDware on the boot host, ncdinstall prepares terminals for booting, enables network services, add terminals to network databases, and makes host-resident files (such as configuration files and fonts) available to terminals.

While the NCDware System Administrator's Guide for UNIX Systems describes the most common terminal configuration tasks, this manual describes how to further customize all aspects of terminal operation. This manual also describes specialized features, such as SNMP, DPS, and PEX.

Contents of this Manual

This manual contains up-to-date reference information about the current release of NCDware. A brief description of each chapter follows.

Other NCD Manuals

This Reference Manual and the following manuals contain up-to-date information about this version of NCDware:

In addition, the online man pages have been updated for this release. Man pages are installed along with NCDware.

For documents describing NCD's WinCenter software, see the WinCenter manuals accompanying the WinCenter software. (See the NCDware System Administrator's Guide for UNIX Systems, the index of this manual and the NCDware Publications Roadmap for references to configuring NCDware for use with WinCenter.)

Conventions Used in this Manual

The following typographical conventions are used in this manual.

Text in This Format
Indicates ...
display text Text displayed on the screen or text in a file, for example, a field in the Setup menus
input text Text to be typed as shown
variable Portion of a command line or line in a file where you provide the value; for example, a terminal's IP address
filename The name of a system file, directory, or pathname
emphasized text An especially important word or phrase or explanatory text
parameter name The name of a remote configuration parameter
"true" A value assigned to a remote configuration parameter

Other conventions used in this manual are:

Comments on the Manual

You can send comments, suggestions, or questions about this manual to the NCD Technical Publications Department at techpubs@ncd.com.

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