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Specifying a Different Configuration File Directory

By default, the X server searches for configuration files in the directory /usr/lib/X11/ncd/configs when the terminal is booted. You can specify a different directory, which must be located on one of the initial file server hosts or the boot host. The directory you specify becomes the default directory for saving parameters to a file from Change Setup Parameters, Change Quick Setup, and Change User Preferences.

As this parameter consumes space in the tagged string area of NVRAM, you should keep the filename as short as possible. The tagged string area is described in Chapter 11, Boot Monitor and NVRAM.

To direct the terminal to search a specified directory for configuration files, set the config-unix-directory parameter to the absolute pathname of the directory for all configuration files for this terminal (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> Configuration [Initial Configuration File section] -> UNIX Directory, Change Quick Setup -> Files -> UNIX Config Directory). The configuration file directory name can also be set in the Boot Monitor Setup menus.

Table 6-6 config-unix-directory Parameter
Possible Values
default The terminal searches the /usr/lib/X11/ncd/configs directory for configuration files.
pathname The terminal searches the specified directory for configuration files.
The directory must be world-readable and can be world-writable.

The name /local is reserved for an optional local file system. Consequently, you cannot use a a file system that starts with /local for host-resident configuration files.

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