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Displaying and Logging Font Diagnostic Messages

Font diagnostic messages report all font actions that require file system or network access. By default, these messages are not displayed in the Console Messages area or logged to the diagnostics log file.

There is no default diagnostics log file. You must set up the file before any messages can be logged. For more information about setting up a diagnostics log file, see Chapter 18, X Server Messages.

To display (and log) font diagnostic messages, set the pref-font-extended-diagnostics parameter to "true" (Setup -> Change User Preferences -> Fonts -> Show Extended Font Diagnostics).

Table 7-11 pref-font-extended-diagnostics Parameter
Possible Values
default false
false Font diagnostic messages are not reported in the Console Messages hide box or logged to a diagnostics log file.
true Font diagnostic messages are reported in the Console Messages hide box and logged to a diagnostics log file, if you have set up such a file.

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