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Specifying Font Path Aliases

You can use font path aliases to create simple names for complex font directory names or font server specifications. You can use such names, for example, in the configuration parameters used to set the font path. To create font aliases, enter the aliases and font directory names or font server specifications into the xserver-font-path-alias-table (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> Fonts -> Font Name Table).

If you use font path aliases in a remote configuration file, define the aliases and include an apply command before defining the font path.

Table 7-10 xserver-font-path-alias-table Parameter
Table Entry
Possible Values
font-path-alias alias The alias to be mapped to a font directory or a font server specification.
font-path-value directory or
font server
Font directory name or font server specification.

The following is an example font alias table:

xserver-font-path-alias-table = {
     { misc /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc }
     { xview /usr/lib/X11/fonts/xview }
     { 75dpi /usr/lib/X11/ncd/fonts/75dpi }
     { 100dpi /usr/lib/X11/ncd/fonts/100dpi }
     { falcon-fonts tcp/falcon:7000 }

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