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Updating the Boot Monitor on Explora Terminals

On Explora 400/450, and 700 series terminals you can download an updated Boot Monitor from the remote configuration file.

To download a new Boot Monitor version, set the boot-prom-update-file parameter to the absolute pathname of a file that contains a new Boot Monitor image. Such files are available from NCD whenever the Boot Monitor is updated. When it boots, the terminal attempts to update its boot PROM with the new image. The update process begins as soon as the terminal receives and verifies the entire update file.

If the X server detects that the Boot Monitor in the terminal is an earlier version, it downloads the new version. If the terminal's Boot Monitor is the same or a later version, no action is taken. The update process takes about 15 seconds.

Do not turn off power to the terminal while the Boot Monitor is being updated. If the update process is interrupted before the new Boot Monitor is written to PROM, the Boot Monitor will not have the settings necessary to operate the terminal. In that case, you would have to return the base to the factory for rework.

For this reason, NCD recommends that you promptly reboot terminals as soon as you have configured them for Boot Monitor update and that you not configure terminals for Boot Monitor update when power outages are likely to occur.

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