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Setting the Broadcast Address

Whenever the terminal broadcasts to the network, for example, when discovering its IP address or broadcasting for an X server, it uses its broadcast address.

The default broadcast address is If this address is not the correct address for your network and the terminal broadcasts for the X server, the server download succeeds but a warning message is displayed.

To prevent the warning message display, the broadcast address must be set to reflect the subnet mask, if any, and the host portion of the address.

If subnetting is used on your network, set the ip-broadcast-address parameter (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> IP -> Broadcast Address). It should have all 1s in the host field. The parameter is saved in NVRAM.

Table 3-2 ip-broadcast-address Parameter
Possible Values
default or 0xFFFFFFFF
IP address The address used by the terminal when broadcasting to the network.

For example, in a class B network with the network address and a subnet mask of 0xFFFF0000 (, the broadcast address setting is:

ip-broadcast-address =

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