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Storing Addresses in NVRAM

You can manually set all the addresses the terminal needs in NVRAM. This is useful if you have just a few terminals to configure or if address resolution protocols are not running on the boot host. This method is less flexible than discovering addresses from the network because if you move the terminal to another network, you must reconfigure the addresses.

You can place other information in NVRAM, such as the name of an X server to download.

To configure a terminal to obtain addresses from NVRAM, set the following in Setup -> Change Setup Parameters:

You can also set addresses in the Boot Monitor Setup menus.

  1. In the IP hide box:

    1. Turn off the Use Address Discovery toggle so the terminal does not attempt to discover addresses from the network.

    2. Enter the addresses you need:
      You must enter at least the IP address of the terminal in IP Address at Next Boot. If the terminal is booting through a gateway, set the Subnet Mask, Initial Default Gateway 1, and Initial Gateway 2 (if you have more than one gateway). The terminal uses the boot host as a gateway if these fields are left at (the default). If desired, set the Broadcast Address. The default address of works, although the Boot Monitor displays error messages as the terminal boots.

  2. In the Booting hide box:

    1. Make sure Primary Boot Source is set to TFTP or NFS.

    2. Set TCP/IP Desired Server to the network address of the boot host. Set the Secondary and Tertiary Server fields, if desired, to designate backup boot servers.

  3. Click on Apply to save addresses in NVRAM.

The next time the terminal boots, the Boot Monitor uses the addresses stored in NVRAM.

For more information about saving configuration settings set through the Setup menus or remote configuration files to NVRAM, see the System Administrator's Guide for UNIX Systems.

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