SATAN command syntax
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SATAN Command Syntax and functional classes

The interactive SATAN command language offers several standard functions. It allows

The user communicates with the system through a terminal window (xterm, dtterm, aixterm or such like) by means of which he issues commands and receives the results of the processing, mainly in a graphical form in a separate graphic window. Generally the name of a command is chosen such that its purpose is more or less obvious. With few exceptions, the first letter of a command name denotes the functional class the command is belonging to:

Analyzer commands
Display commands
Fit commands
Input/output and global parameter commands
Linearization commands
Magnetic tape commands
System control commands
A few frequently used commands do not obey these naming rules (e.g. GO, HALT, HELP, EXIT, QUIT ).

An extensive description of the general command and parameter syntax you will find


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