Fit commands

FAREA          Set peak areas              
FDISPLAY       Display current fit curve   
FERRORS        Specify errors of data      
FEXPONENTIAL   Exponential fit function    
FINIT          Reset fit subsystem         
FIT            Perform fit                 
FLAST          Handle fit components       
FLEGENDRE      Legendre polynomial function
FLIKELIHOOD    Evaluate likelihood function
FLIST          List experimental & fit data
FMLFIT         Handle internal settings    
FMY            User fit function           
FPARAMETERS    Set fit parameters          
FPEAKS         Gaussian or Lorentzian peaks
FPOL           Polynomial fit              
FPOS           Set peak positions          
FRESULT        List or store fit results   
FSTORE         Store fit data              
FSUM           Compute sum and moments     
FWIDTH         Set peak widths             
FWINDOWS       Define fit regions          
FXCAL          Calibration of the x-axis, 3-Dec-1997