Global parameters
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Global parameters

Global parameters are data objects implemented as external structures identified by unique name. They may be simple variables or multidimensional arrays of numerical or character data type. They can be accessed by several commands

Global parameter storage on file

Any number of parameters may be stored in a regular file. It is stored: If an asterisk is given for the extent(s), the data are assigned according to the actual parameter declaration. Character strings should be enclosed in quotes. A string following a plus sign '+' is concatenated with the preceding string. Each value may be preceded by a repetition factor enclosed in parentheses; repeated characters are interpreted as a single string. Any text following an asterisk is treated as a comment. When reading parameters from a data set, the first comment following a name is assigned to the parameter (provided it was declared accordingly); a comment in the first line is listed on the terminal.
* long vector
-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 
-8 -9 -10 

You use the command IPAR to read and save global parameters.
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Last updated:, 2-Aug-1999

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