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Configuring a Terminal for Serial Terminal Emulation

To use a serial port for a serial VT320 connection, you can open a serial terminal emulation session through the NCD Terminal Emulator local client. The client's term -ctype serial command allows you to log onto a host and run non-X applications. For X over a serial line, use XRemote.

On terminals with more than one serial port, you can configure more than one port for serial terminal emulation. When more than one port is used for serial terminal emulation, the serial terminal emulator displays a Chooser for selecting the desired serial connection.

Configuring an NCD terminal as an ASCII terminal involves making the physical connection and setting the parameters. Follow these steps:

  1. Attach the terminal to a host via a modem or direct serial connection.

  2. Make sure the mode parameter for the port that you wish to use is set to "terminal" in the serial-interfaces-table.

  3. Set the other parameters in the serial-interfaces-table to match the host computer or modem on the other end of the serial line. Use the suggested values shown here or set these attributes to match the computer or modem on the other end of the line:

    baud-rate 38400 (make this as high as possible)
    data-bits 8
    stop-bits 1
    parity None
    handshake DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, or XON/XOFF

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