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Specifying Boot Hosts

Instead of loading an X server from the first host to respond to the terminal's request or specifying the boot server using BOOTP/DHCP, you can specify the names of the boot hosts.

Specifying the Initial Boot Host

To make sure that the terminal tries to boot first from a specific host, you can set the primary boot host's IP address using the boot-tcpip-desired-server parameter (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> Booting [TCP/IP Boot Options section] -> TCP/IP Desired Server). Save the new value in NVRAM. This parameter is used for both TFTP and NFS booting.

Table 4-13 boot-tcpip-desired-server Parameter
Possible Values
default There is no designated boot host. The terminal uses information from the bootptab file or broadcasts requests for a server to the network.
IP address The IP address of the desired boot host.

Specifying Backup Boot Hosts

You can specify more than one boot host to use in case the initial boot server is unavailable. There are three methods:

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