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Using TFTP for X Server Downloading

The terminal automatically tries to download the X server first using TFTP. You must configure the terminal if the X server is in a non-standard location.

Making Sure TFTP is Enabled

If you are not certain whether TFTP is enable on the boot host, see Chapter 5, Configuring Network Services, for information about enabling TFTP.

Specifying a Custom X Server Directory

You can specify a custom directory for X servers by changing the default value, which is /tftpboot/ or /usr/tftpboot/.

If you are using secure TFTP, make sure that the directory is physically under the default TFTP home directory and in the same file system partition.

To specify a different directory, change the boot-tftp-directory parameter. [Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> Booting -> (TCP/IP Boot Options section) -> TFTP Directory]. Save the new value in NVRAM.

Table 4-11 boot-tftp-directory Parameter
Possible Values
default /tftpboot/ or /usr/tftpboot/
directory_path The directory for X server downloading using TFTP.

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