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Disabling the Configuration Utilities or the Console

Disabling Change Setup Parameters and Change Quick Setup prevents interactive access to the terminal's Configuration and User Preferences daemons through the Console. Disabling Change User Preferences prevents all interactive access to the terminal's Preferences daemon. Disabling the Console prevents access to all clients through the Console.

To disable the Setup local clients, list them in the exec-disabled-commands table, using their command names. The following example disables Change Setup Parameters, Change Quick Setup, and Change User Preferences:

exec-disabled-commands = {
     { setup }
     { pref } 
     { quicksetup }}

In the Console menus, the names of disabled clients are dithered (displayed in a shaded font).

To disable the Console, include it in the exec-disabled-command table.

exec-disabled-commands = {{ console }}

When disabled, the Console does not appear after booting or upon pressing the Setup key or key combination.

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