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Controlling Access to Serial and Parallel Ports

This section describes the parameters that control access to a terminal's serial and parallel ports from other network hosts. These parameters are not saved in NVRAM.

To restrict access to a terminal's serial ports or prevent all access from outside the terminal, complete the following steps:

  1. To establish access control for a terminal's ports, set the serial-access-control-enabled parameter to "true" (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> [Serial and Parallel Daemon section] -> Enable Serial and Parallel Access Control).

    Table 15-4 serial-access-control-enabled Parameter
    Possible Values
    default false
    false New requests for connection to the terminal's ports are not checked against the list of hosts defined in the serial-access-control-list parameter.
    true Requests to access the terminal's ports are honored only from hosts listed in the serial-access-control-list parameter.

  2. In the serial-access-control-list parameter, specify the hosts permitted to access the terminal's ports. You must list all hosts that have access (including other terminals). A separate entry is required for each protocol family (TCP/IP, DECnet, and LAT). For example, a host that has both TCP/IP and DECnet access must have two entries (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> Access Control [Serial and Parallel Daemon section] -> Serial and Parallel Access Control List).

    Table 15-5 serial-access-control-list Parameter
    Table Entries
    Possible Values
    host default (empty list)
    host Host permitted to access the terminal's serial ports, specified by hostname, IP address, or DECnet address. DECnet host names must have "::" appended to them.
    family default tcpip
    tcpip The host can connect to the serial ports via TCP/IP.
    ncdnet The host can connect to the serial ports via DECnet.
    lat The host can connect to the serial ports via LAT.

    For example:

    serial-access-control-list = {
        { eagle     tcpip }
        { eagle     lat   }
        { ncdu23    tcpip }

    In the following example, only local access to the terminal is allowed:

    serial-access-control-list = {{ tcpip}}

  3. To prevent access from all hosts, leave the serial-access-control-list table empty:

    serial-access-control-list = {}

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