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Troubleshooting PEX

The most common problems experienced in running PEX clients are clients that do not run and clients that run but look different on an NCD terminal.

If the PEX Client Does Not Run

If you have trouble running a PEX client and cannot figure out why, check the client documentation. Common conditions that prevent clients from running are:

If the PEX Client Looks Different

The PEX protocol defines a full range of graphics functions and allows a server to comply with the protocol without implementing all functions. If the NCD PEX module does not implement the same function subset as another server, the client may look different on the two displays.

For example, the shading methods defined by the PEX protocol are color (Gouraud shading), dot product, and normal (Phong). The NCD PEX module supports Gouraud shading. Clients can run in the absence of the other shading methods because clients default to one of the methods supported by the server.

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