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The Format of Messages

X server messages follow the format:

%MODULE-L-ABBREV, full message text


MODULE Is the NCDware module issuing the message, such as CONFIGD or FILED.
L Is the message's level of severity:
I An informational message. The activity was successful.
W A warning message. The activity may not have have been successful. You should verify the results.
E An error. The module did not complete the activity but is attempting to continue.
F A fatal error. The module did not complete the activity and cannot continue.
ABBREV Is the abbreviated message; for example, READ for an operation that involved reading a file.

Some example messages of different levels of severity are shown in the following list; they were all issued by the Configuration daemon:

You should take steps to resolve messages with severity levels E and F. Contact NCD Technical Support if you need assistance.

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