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Configuring Terminals for XDM

This section describes remote configuration parameters that affect XDM and are not documented in the NCDware System Administrator's Guide for UNIX Systems. The System Administrator's Guide has instructions for configuring how XDM displays the login banner and Login Chooser.

Configuring the Login Chooser Redisplay

The login-window-delay-time parameter controls the amount of time to wait for a host to display a login banner after the user selects the host from the Login Chooser (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> Login -> Window Delay Time). After this time period elapses, the Login Chooser reappears and the user can choose again.

Table 8-3 login-window-delay-time Parameter
Possible Values
default 3
integer The amount of time (in seconds) to wait before redisplaying the Login Chooser after selecting a login host.
Range: 0 - 4294967295.

Configuring the Terminal's Action when XDM Terminates

The login-xdm-action-on-disconnect parameter controls the terminal's behavior when XDM exits (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> Login [XDM section) -> What to do when XDM disconnects). The default action is to present choices to the user. The program may exit for the following reasons:

Configuring XDM Keepalives

Keepalives are messages that NCD terminals send to verify that the host providing the XDM session to the terminal is still functioning. If the host is unavailable, a dialog box is displayed.

If the terminal has received no client input for a configurable amount of time, the terminal sends an XDMCP keepalive. If the host fails to respond, the terminal takes the specified action.

Complete these steps to configure terminal keepalives:

  1. The login-xdm-keepalives-begin-time parameter specifies the amount of time after which the terminal verifies that the login host is still running (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> Login [XDM section] -> Begin Sending Keepalives after).

    Table 8-5 login-xdm-keepalives-begin-time Parameter
    Possible Values
    default 3
    integer The amount of time (in minutes) the terminal waits before sending an XDMCP keepalive. Range: 0 - 4294967295.

  2. The login-xdm-keepalives-wait-time parameter controls the amount of elapsed time from the start of dead session testing (set in the login-xdm-keepalives-begin-time parameter) before the terminal declares the session dead (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> Login [XDM section] -> Wait for Keepalive Responses for).

    Table 8-6 login-xdm-keepalives-wait-time
    Possible Values
    default 30
    integer The amount of time (in seconds) from the start of dead session testing until a session is declared dead. Range: 0 - 4294967295.

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