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Troubleshooting DPS

If the DPS Extension Fails to Start

If the DPS extension fails to start on a licensed terminal, the X server generates an error message and displays it in the Console Messages hide box. If the DPS extension fails to start because no license key has been entered, no error messages appear; the application simply does not access the DPS extension. Check Statistics -> Show Version -> Licensable Features to see if DPS is listed.

File Service Problems

Most DPS failures are caused by file service problems. To see all messages related to file service, enable extended file diagnostics. The parameter is file-extended-diagnostics (Setup -> Change Setup Parameters -> File Service -> Extended Diagnostics). After enabling Extended Diagnostics, reboot the terminal and restart the application to see the additional messages.

DPS file service messages resemble the following examples:

%NETFILE-I-OPENATTEMPT, attempting open for /usr/lib/X11/ncd/dps/fonts/Helvetica
%NETFILE-I-MATCHATTEMPT, attempting NFS open of 
/usr/lib/X11/ncd/dps/fonts/Helvetica on for 
%NETFILE-I-OPENSUCCESS, open succeeded for /usr/lib/X11/ncd/dps/fonts/Helvetica

DPS Applications on Solaris Systems

This section describes how to use AnswerBook, ImageTool, and PageView on an NCD terminal if the applications are running on a Solaris system.

Running AnswerBook

Problems with this application derive from incorrect setting of the OPENWINHOME environment variable or failing to set the variable at all.

If OPENWINHOME is set incorrectly, an error message is displayed as shown in the following example:

% setenv OPENWINHOME /u/ken
% answerbook
Verifying AnswerBook environment
Could not find the AnswerBook administration utility
"ab_admin" in /u/ken/bin

If OPENWINHOME is not set, the following messages are displayed:

% answerbook
Verifying AnswerBook environment
The "OPENWINHOME" environment variable is not set.
Are you running OpenWindows?
Check/reset the value of OPENWINHOME, then rerun

No special fonts are needed for AnswerBook.

Running ImageTool

Problems with this application are caused by unavailable fonts, colormap flash, and incorrect setting of OPENWINHOME.

Font Problems

If the required fonts are not in the terminal's font path or are not in the correct order in the font path, the image appears briefly and the application shuts down. Error messages similar to the following are displayed:

% imagetool
X error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation
  Major opcode of failed request: 94 (X_CreateGlyphCursor)
Minor opcode of failed request: 0
Resource id in failed request: 0xc
Serial number of failed request: 1869
Current serial number in output stream: 1873

You need the following fonts and font management files, and the font directory must be second in the font path (xserver-default-font-path), right after built-ins:


See Chapter 7, Bitmap Fonts and the Font Server, for more information about fonts.

Colormap Flash

To get the proper colors, make the window with the picture the focus window and press Alt-F12.


If OPENWINHOME is not set or is set incorrectly:

To solve this problem, exit from ImageTool and set the OPENWINHOME variable. Restart the application.

Running PageView

Problems with this application are described in the following subsections. No special fonts are required for PageView, and you need not set the OPENWINHOME variable.

Displaying the Images

Run PageView from the /usr/openwin/bin directory. When prompted by a "goto" request, enter the path to the images; for example, /usr/openwin/share/images/PostScript.

Support Files

If the proper support files are not installed, images are not displayed. Make sure the following files are in the NCD PostScript directory; the default directory is /usr/lib/X11/ncd/dps:


If any of the files are not installed, copy them from the NCDware distribution CD-ROM.

Colormap Flash

You can fix colormap flash problems by clicking in another window and then clicking in the PageView main Window. Also, try pressing Alt-F12 when the focus is on the PageView window.

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