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Configuring DPS Font Access by X Clients

To configure your environment so that X clients can access DPS outline fonts, complete the following steps:

If you add new outline fonts, you must complete all of the following steps. If you use only the outline fonts included with the NCDware distribution, you need only perform Step 5.

  1. Set your current working directory to the directory in which the DPS outline fonts reside; by default, /usr/lib/X11/ncd/dps/fonts.

  2. Make sure that each outline font file has a .pfa (PostScript Font ASCII) extension.

  3. Use the ncdmkfdir (1) utility to add an entry to the fonts.scale file for each link or file created in the previous step.

    % ncdmkfdir currentworkingdir

    The fonts.scale file, which resides in the font directory, has an entry for each font file that pairs the file with its XLFD name, such as:

    Symbol.pfa -adobe-Symbol-Medium-r-normal-*-0-0-0-0-P-0-adobe-fontspecific

    ncdmkfdir works well with Adobe outline fonts. If you use it on fonts from other sources in which the key values may be inaccurate, the resulting fonts.scale file may need to be corrected by hand.

  4. While still in the font directory, invoke the ncdmkfontdir utility.

    This utility reads the contents of the fonts.scale file and any bitmap font files and then enters them in the fonts.dir file.

  5. Add the font directory to the terminal's font path:

X clients can now access the DPS outline fonts.

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