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Boot Monitor Versions

The Boot Monitor version is displayed while the terminal boots. After the terminal boots, you can find the version in the Console's Statistics -> Show Version window.

The Boot Monitor version required for a terminal depends on the terminal model and the interface boards installed in some terminal models. At the time of this manual's publication, Boot Monitor 2.8.3 is installed in all new HMX terminals, and Boot Monitor 2.8.2 is installed in new Explora and Explora Pro terminals. Boot Monitor 2.9.0 is installed in Explora 400/450, and Explora 700 terminals.

Older HMX terminals may have PROMs from version 2.7.1 or later, and older Explora terminals may have PROMs from version 2.7.6 or later.

Terminals with older versions of the Boot Monitor can run the most recent version of NCDware, however, you will not have access to features that require the newer Boot Monitor. See the NCDware Release Notes descriptions of new features and for information about Boot Monitor requirements.

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