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Specific Notes/Trouble Shooting

Changing display resolution

  1. halt the OS with Stop-A
  2. hit the setup key or type "setup"
  3. use the menu to choose the resolution
  4. find the option to exit the setup menu
  5. type "bt" (for Boot via Tftp)

Font problems

In case of apparent font problems inspect the terminal console messages by hitting the Setup (or Pause/Break) key.
Apart from a few builtin fonts an X-terminal loads X fonts from the server. The details are defined in the server's /usr/lib/X11/ncd/configs/ncd_std.
If the terminal console messages indicate a font access problem, check the definitions in file-service-table, e.g. correct name resolution, server directory export permissions, appropriate buffer sizes (try reduction to 1K when crossing gateways), etc.







Last Update: 27-Jan-2011, M.Kraemer