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Specific notes

The ExploraPro appears to be the predecessor of the Explora 400/450 line of products.
It comes in two flavours, XA and XQ. They are almost identical, the XA supports less RAM and lacks the BNC ethernet output.
For regular work, for example with CDE desktops, the devices feel quite a bit sluggish, when compared to the 4xx. Whether this is a network, a graphics or a CPU issue I can't say.

Boot monitor

The boot monitor resides in a ROM chip and as it seems it can't be updated via "flashing". Mine came with V2.8.2, and for an upgrade new ROMs would be needed.


Same procedure as for the Explora 400/450.



ExploraPros come with 8MB RAM onboard. Two extra RAM slots are available, each accepting from 1MB to 32MB (XQ) sticks of PS/2 (72-pin, no parity) fast page mode RAM.


The ExploraPro devices need 18VAC, 50-60Hz, 13W, cinch connector. Since I don't have the original PSUs, I use the same as for the Explora 400/450.
Last updated: 17-Nov-2012, M.Kraemer

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