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Specific notes

Boot monitor (upgrade)

The latest version is V2.9.412. Earlier versions can be upgraded "on-the-fly" during boot. See how to modify the configuration file. On reboot, the PROM will erased and updated within a few seconds. As usual: be careful not to interrupt this process, otherwise your device will be left unusable. (I'm not sure whether there's any vendor repair service left)


(Description for booting via NFS)
  1. If not yet done, install NCDware on host.
  2. Connect all peripherals ( network, monitor, keyboard, mouse )
  3. Switch on power, after keyboard initialization hit ESC to interrupt normal boot process
  4. Press Setup key (pause/break on some keyboards), a barebone (mostly) self-explaining menu should appear.
  5. Change appropriate entries
  6. Reboot. On errors (typically config file not read or sth), check in Quick Setup that
    File service protocol:  NFS
    and check trailing slashes in directory names.


The highest resolution the Exploras support is 1280x1024x8bit (256 colours). With NCDware 5.1.140 more colours are supported, but at reduced resolution: 1024x768x16bit (65536 colours)


The PSU's which come with the Exploras (Transformer A66-182200-M010G, 18V AC, 2200mA, Cinch connector) are known to fail sometimes. A working replacement with almost the same specs is the IBM P/N 45H3496 (Transformer A66-182200-M020G). These are rather heavy and rare units. I found the AC Transformer AD4830-18 0-1000 to be a more lightweight working replacement. It delivers only 1000mA, but this should be sufficient.
Last updated: 17-Nov-2012, M.Kraemer

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