Command GDESCR

       Parameters  Defaults

       ANGLE(ang)   0
       SIZE(rsize)  4
       CMODE(cm)    1
       POSITION()   0,0
       WIDTH(lw)    0.1
       LINEDIST(ld) 1.5
       SPACING(sp)  1
       ROTATE(rot)  0
       LENGTH(len)  1



   Writes a description of the data (legend) on the plot.


   A description of the data (legend) as defined in the header lines 
   together with their symbol representation is written at the desired position.


   You may also place descriptions with the line tag GDESCR: in the input file


   GDESCR / XR(0.5) YR(0.5) frame

   Places a description in the middle of the picture, with a surrounding frame.

Parameters X(x),Y(y)

Specify x- and y-position of the description.
If both are omitted, the position will be defined by the cursor

Parameters XREL(xr),YREL(yr)

Specify x- and y-position of the description,
relative to the x- and y-origin, in units of the x- and y-axis, respectively.

Parameter ANGLE(ang)

Angle of text direction with respect to x-axis

Parameter LOOP

Loop until a cursor stop is entered

Parameter SIZE(rsize)

Size of characters = rsize * UNIT * SCALING

Parameter POS(px,py)

Specifies the position within the text string,
given in units of the string length and height.

Parameter SPACING(sp)

Space between characters.

Parameter WIDTH(lw)

Linewidth of the letters relative to their height, for thick letters only.

Parameter LINEDIST(ld)

Distance between lines, in units of the character height.

Parameter ROTATE(rot)

Inclination of characters. Counterclockwise.

Parameter LENGTH(len)

Length of characters. len > 1 causes a stretching.

Parameter COLOUR(colour)

Specifies the text colour. Possible choices for colour are:

   D or a blank string for default (foreground) colour,
   Data same colour as corresponding data data,
   Else colour compositions.

Parameter FRAME

Draw a frame around the description and erase background before writing the description.
FRAME might also be given an argument, which describes 
colour and  hatching
of the frame area and the frame outline.