comp.lang.c FAQ list(s)

You probably just came from there, but there is a browsable, web-based HTML version. (Please don't ask me for a downloadable archive of the HTML version, as I'm currently unable to provide one. Just browse it here, or download one of the versions below.)

A book, containing most of this material has been published by Addison-Wesley (ISBN 0-201-84519-9). Printed books, alas, tend to have a few errors; I've prepared an errata list for this one.

Here is a recent, compressed copy of the ASCII FAQ list, as posted to Usenet (~100k compressed, ~275k when uncompressed). [This and the other compressed files ending in .gz or .Z referenced from this page are compressed with the GNU "gzip" or Unix "compress" utilities and can be uncompressed with "gunzip" or "uncompress", versions of which are, I believe, available for all popular operating systems.]

Here is the abridged version (~25k compressed, ~60k when uncompressed).

Here are the differences from the previous version (compressed, sometimes quite large; or maybe uncompressed, if they were minimal). Here is a collection of incremental differences with respect to even older versions. NOTE: All of these diff lists pertain to the versions posted to Usenet, which are not always synchronized with the web/html version.

Here is a (considerably older) compressed, PostScript rendition (152k compressed). BEWARE: the question numbers don't match current versions.

There are several translations into other languages:

Here is an, um, er, ``alternate version'' by Peter Seebach.

If you're interested in C++, Marshall Cline maintains a C++ FAQ list.

For web access to other Usenet FAQ lists, visit