The WWW format for these pages was created by Jennifer M. Kaufman of IBM.

Credit for the PEXlib Spec. source goes to the following:

On behalf of the X Consortium, we gratefully acknowledge and give thanks to the many who have participated in the design, definition and implementation of PEXlib. We acknowledge the contribution of those involved in the design and definition of the PEX protocol, without which, PEXlib would not exist.

PEXlib 5.1:

To Digital Equipment Corporation and Sony Microsystems, Inc., we give thanks for their generous donation of prototypical implementations to the MIT X Consortium for use in this effort. And to SHOGraphics and International Business Machines, thanks for donation of additional implementation effort. And last, but certainly not least, to Ralph Mor (X Consortium), thanks for completing the PEXlib 5.1 sample implementation.

Also to Digital Equipment Corporation, thanks for their contribution of initial documentation which was leveraged in producing this document.

Thanks to Tom Gaskins (Sound Software Design) and Jan Hardenbergh (Oki Advanced Products Division) for their work in defining the PEXlib Utilities.

Thanks to the many who provided timely review of document drafts, including Tom Gaskins (Sound Software Design), Ralph Mor (X Consortium), Bob Scheifler (Director of the X Consortium), John Waitz (Hewlett-Packard Co.) and many others.

Last, but certainly not least, we acknowledge the first PEXlib 5.1 Chief Architect and Document editor, Jeff Stevenson (Hewlett-Packard Co.), for producing the initial and final drafts of the 5.1 specification.

PEXlib 5.2:

Thanks go to the Hewlett-Packard Co, for their contribution of the window, visual, and colormap utilities.

Thanks to HP, IBM, and SunSoft for contributing the Cose PEX extensions, from which we were able to learn from and borrow material on texture mapping.

We also thank Jeff Stevenson, Jane Sczechowski, Louis Khouw, and several other individuals and companies for helping to sweat through the design of various new interfaces for output command processing.

The Document Editors would like to acknowledge the Hewlett-Packard Company and the International Business Machines Corporation for providing time and resource needed to produce this specification.

Karl Schultz, Hewlett-Packard Company - PEXlib 5.2 Chief Architect and Document Editor.

Jennifer Kaufman, International Business Machines Corporation - PEXlib 5.2 Document Editor.