TRiP98 spc command

spc items / projectile()
            prefix()   list      rffold        debug
            import()   delete    interpolate
            export()   nospcd    display
            read       inspect


Handles input, output and interpolation of fragment spectral distributions.


For the input options (read and import) specifies a list of files, optionally wildcarded, to be read as fragment spectral distributions.
For the output options ( write export() list inspect delete) specifies the beam energy. A "*" means all energies, a list of energies has to be put in double quotes.
Usually spectral distributions have the extension .spc
Specifies a file name prefix which is put in front of automatically generated (i.e. output) file names
Specifies the primary projectile. Defaults to "*" (all) if nothing is specified, except for delete.
Import spectral distribution in non-native format. At present only gd is implemented. Mandatory naming convention for the input files is the same as for export(), i.e.
Note that the various name components are significant, they are used to derive projectile/target names, beam energies and depth positions. In addition, the nn0 file is used to retrieve the assumed Bragg peak position. For more details see here,
Exports current depth dose distributions in some non-native format, at present only gd is implemented to export for the gd plot program. File naming convention is:
where <eeeeee> is the beam energy in MeV/u times 100 and <dddddd> is the depth in micrometers.
In addition, a file
with the integrated fragment yields (N/N0) as a function of depth is created.
Specifies that only the nn0 is exported.
Read spectral distributions specified by items. Internally they are sorted in ascending beam energy order. When duplicate beam energies occur, older entries are replaced by newer ones.
Writes the current spectral distributions as specified by items. File naming conventions is:
where <eeeeee> is the beam energy in MeV/u times 100.
Lists loaded spectral distributions.
Deletes the loaded spectral distributions.
Displays the current spectral distributions. Not yet implemented.
Show some internal info about the current spectral distributions.
Triggers folding of the currently loaded spectral distributions with the ripple filter response function. Note that this function has to be loaded before (rifi command). Folding is performed "inplace", that is, the current distributions are replaced by folded ones. Note also that this procedure is rather CPU- and memory-intensive. You should run it in batch on a large memory machine.
Interpolates a fragment spectral distribution at the energy (MeV/u) given by items. It will be inserted into the list of loaded distributions. Not yet implemented.
Debug switch. Lots of output !


Usually the spectra are memory mapped on input. Big memory saver !


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