TRiP98 Cubemerge command
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cubemerge  outfile / infiles()   debug


Merges data cubes.


Specifies the stem of the file name (without extension) for input and output of data cubes. Data cubes come as a binary <file>.<ext> data file together with a text <file>.HED header file. Outfiles are always overwritten.
List of input data cubes to be merged. They must have the same size, shape and data type.
Debug switch. Lots of output !


Whereever possible, data cubes are mapped to external files, rather than keeping them directly in computer memory. This is a big memory saver !
Note that when file-mapped data cubes are calculated they are created with their full size immediately. Thus the actual file size is no progress report !


  1.  cubemerge merge.dos / infile(z1.phys.dos z2.phys.dos)
    Merges the two input dose cubes into a single result dose cube.

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