TRiP98 environment setting

In order to support the versioning of TRiP98 installations a dedicated shell script is provided. Its purpose is to set the appropriate environment (shell) variables for proper execution ($TRIP98 and possibly others). This includes modifying the shell command PATH variable so that the TRiP98 shell commands are included in the command path.
trip98env { -classic | -new | -old | -pro | -del | -test }
where -new, -pro, -old, -test refer to the TRiP98 releases stored in the NEW, PRO, OLD, TEST subdirectories of the TRiP98 installation root directory, pointed to by the TRIP98PROG environment variable. This variable has to be defined in the respective user, group or machine login scripts (usually some .profile).

-classic is reserved for the version last used in the GSI pilot project (0408a, of August 2004).

-del unsets all TRiP98 related shell variables and removes respective entries from the command path.

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