TRiP98 target shape function plug-in

This plug-in, implemented as a user-supplied C-function, should provide the three-dimensional description of a target volume.
The actual implementation requires the specification of (two-dimensional) polygons slice by slice. The plug-in is called three times, first to allow allocation of the polygons, a second time to perform the calculation, and a third time to allow de-allocation and cleanup.
This plug-in is used e.g. in conjunction with the MakeGeometry command. At run time it is called with the entrypoint shapefct. This name must be specified when the plug-in is prepared, e.g. by means of the trpfct tool:
trpfct shapefct -eshapefct
prepares the source file shapefct.c as a plug-in.
A template how this plug-in should look like can be found here
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