TRiP98 patient templates

(GSI pilot project only)
For each patient beamtime biological dose optimization has to be performed at GSI to generate the proper rst-files. This is done in several steps:
  1. The optimization based on absorbed dose is checked by rerunning the DKFZ-supplied exec's. Resulting rst- and * should be bit-identical
  2. The optimization based on biological dose is performed with exactly the same parameters, generating rst-files and various dose output files.
  3. The resulting rst-files are used to calculate the biological dose distribution on the entire CT grid. Since this task is rather time-consuming, it is "trivially" parallelized by distributing groups of CT slices across our compute cluster, using the IBM LoadLeveler.
To reduce the amount of manual work with exec- and command-files some support shell scripts plus file templates are available. The script
trip98patient  <patient> <field1> [ <field2> ]
prepares everything for a particular patient:
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