TRiP98 Introduction

TRiP98 is the acronym for TReatment planning for Particles, 1998 edition. It is a planning software dedicated to radiotherapy of cancer with energetic ions, in particular carbon. It offers means to calculate and optimize three-dimensional dose distributions, both physical and biological.
NOTE, however, that this software is a research prototype, and must not be used for regular patient treatments !
Optimization is performed by means of inverse planning with respect to GSI's magnetic raster scan system. That is, a given target volume is divided into slices of equal irradiation energy. For each position in every slice the number of particles is determined which is required to obtain the prescribed dose distribution across the target volume. These distributions are normally homogeneous, but could be inhomogenous as well.
A model to calculate the beam model, i.e. depth dose profiles and nuclear fragment spectra is included.
Data import and export are based on files of various formats:
Because TRiP98 is meant to cooperate with clinically used software like the Voxelplan system, it lacks own graphics output and graphical user interfaces, although this might change in the future. Instead, it is a command-line oriented program, which, however, can also be run by means of an own scripting language to allow batch execution. Thus it can be interfaced to freeware interface builders like Tcl/Tk.
TRiP98 and its predecessor are not only in clinical use for the GSI radiotherapy project but also for the planning of biological and physical irradiation experiments which accompany the medical program.
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