TRiP98 file formats

Here are summarized the formats of all types of files which are used by TRiP98.

Native TRiP98 formats

Files of this format have a special syntax which allow to add new features at a later time without affecting earlier versions of the reader software. In general three types of entries can be found in these files: Files of this type are: Binary files are necessarily organized differently, e.g. Import formats, e.g.

Legacy TRiP formats

Such files were invented for the older TRiP software. They were taken into TRiP98 as is without basic format changes, because they are supposedly already in widespread use

Voxelplan formats

Files of this format were developed in the Voxelplan environment. In order to facilitate the use of TRiP98 with its prime collaborator software they have been adopted also for TRiP98.

Other external formats

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