TRiP98 Installation
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TRiP98 Installation

System reqirements

TRiP98 runs on any member of the IBM RS/6000 workstation family (or compatibles) under the AIX operating system.
The executable needs as little as 2 MByte main memory, the total amount of memory depends on the problem size, of course. An approximate value would be less than 128 MB for a fairly large target volume.
An installation, including all data bases, needs about 320 MB disk space.
Computation of the physical dose is relatively fast, on the order of a few seconds up to a few minutes on a PowerPC 604e 200MHz machine, depending on the size of the irradiated volume. Biological dose calculation needs roughly a factor 1000 more time.
In special cases with exceedingly high memory requirements a TRiP98large executable is provided which uses an additional data segment supported by the CPU architecture, thus allowing up to 256MB of data.
A minimum choice of machine would be: IBM RS/6000 Model 43P, 233 MHz or better, 256MB memory, AIX 4.3.3 or higher.

To install the package:
  1. create the installation directory:
    mkdir TRiP98
    cd    TRiP98
  2. transfer the archive into this directory and unpack, e.g.:
    zcat TRiP98.AIX.tar.Z | tar -xvf - ; chmod -R a-w ./
    cd ..; chmod a-w TRiP98
    which includes write-protection
  3. define the location of the installed package, e.g.:
    export TRIP98=/u/bio/TRiP98
  4. put that definition in some startup script, e.g. .profile or such.

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