TRiP98 depth dose distribution file format
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Depth dose distribution file format

!filetype    ddd
!fileversion <yyyymmdd>
!filedate    <dow> <mmm> <dd> <hh>:<mm>:<ss> <yyyy>
# Comment
!projectile    <element-symbol>
!material      <material name>
!composition   <material composition>
!density       <material density / g/cm**3 > 
!energy        <beam energy / MeV/u >
#   z[g/cm**2] dE/dz[MeV/(g/cm**2)] FWHM1[g/cm**2] factor FWHM2[g/cm**2]
<depth> <ionization> [ <FWHM1> <factor> <FWHM2> ] 
The FWHM components are optional. If given, they represent a lateral contribution to the initial beam width arising from small angle scattering of fragments. This contribution is approximated by two gaussian curves with different half widths.
The usual file name extension is .ddd. An example is here
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Last updated:, 8-Feb-1999

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