TRiP98 MakeSIS command
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makesis proj / focuslist()      rangefactor(0.00204) 
               intensitylist()  rangeexponent(1.78) 
               position()       table()
               energy()         debug   


Generates a SIS table in memory.


projectile identifier.
List (comma-separated) of focus values.
List (comma-separated) of intensity values.
If a list of energies (in MeV/u) is specified it is taken directly for the SIS table. If a list of desired peak positions (in cm) is specified the values are converted to energies by inverting the formula
position = rangefactor * energy ** rangeexponent
The list may be a comma-separated list of values or an expression of the form
<from> TO <to> BY <step>
If depth dose distributions exist they will be used instead in order to provide the conversion.
Parameters to describe the peak position as a function of beam energy, according to the formula
position = f * energy ** x
Note that the default values are an estimate for protons.
Specifies the table content version, which will be used when the SIS table is saved to a file. Should be in format <yyyymmdd>. If omitted, the current date is used.
Debug switch. Lots of output !


Note that the created SIS table exists in memory only. If you want it to be permanent you must save it with the SIS command

Note further that the created table is a first guess only, the real beam spot sizes need to be determined experimentally.


ddd *.ddd /read
makesis 12C / focus(4,6,8,10) intensity(1E4,1E5,1E6) position(2 TO 30 BY 0.1) 
generates a SIS table for carbon ions with energies to cover the depths between 1 and 30 cm in water, in steps of 0.1 cm. The peak-energy relation is derived from the depth dose distribution loaded before.
makesis 1H / focus(5) intensity(1E7) position(1,2,3,4,5)
sis 1H.sis / write
Generates a table for protons, with the default peak-energy relation. Saves it to a file 1H.sis
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