Listmode file format

Listmode files contain binary data event-by-event, with different formats for track mode and volume mode, respectively.
For the format refer to the respective C-structures defined in the respective header files in the include-directory of the distribution.

Trackmode version before 20020830

   unsigned long ulEvt;               /* primary event number */
   unsigned long ulID;                /* particle ID */
   unsigned long ulIASequence;        /* interaction sequence number */ 
   unsigned long ulPT;                /* particle type */
            long  lIA;                /* interaction */
   unsigned long ulVol;               /* Vol ID */
   double dvx0[4];                    /* 0..2: location, 3: time */
   float rvd [3];                     /* direction */
   float rE, rdE;                     /* energy, energy loss */

Trackmode version 20020830

See STRXPARTICLEEVT in trxparticle.h.

Volume mode version 20020830

See STRXVOLEVT in trxvol.h.

Data are always written in native endian, readers with different endian must byte-swap short, long, float and double data, respectively.
Note that the first 12 bytes are always the same for both, track and event mode, but the mode entry allows to distinguish (after byte swap) between volume and track mode, respectively.

Listmode format 2015xxxx

(under construction)
From TRAX version 1312d onwards data will be written as MBS/Goosy buffers.
          buffer type 10xxx,v=1 xxx>>103
          event type 10xxx
            sub type |xxxx|xxxx|xxxx|vvvv|
          subevent type 10xxx
               sub type |xxxx|xxxx|xxxx|vvvv|

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