evalusr command

evalusr usrfct 
      | files 
      / outfile() userstr() 


Evaluate via user function.


Name of a an executable file with a user supplied evaluation function, created by means of the trxfct script.
List of input listmode track files to be evaluated. If no files are specified and this command is given before the simulation is run, the listmode data are directly passed to the evaluation routine.
Name of the file to receive the evaluated data.
User specified string, passed "as is" to the evalusr function. It may be used to specify any user specific information.
Debug switch. Lots of output !


Note that in order for the created executable to be loadable, the library search path has to be adapted before TRAX is called, to include the current directory on some platforms:

   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH # Linux, Solaris, IRIX
   export SHLIB_PATH=.:$SHLIB_PATH           # HP-UX
   export LIBPATH=.:$LIBPATH                 # AIX


An example for a user function. Adapt it according to your needs. The event structures passed to this function are described in trxparticle.h and trxlmd.h.
Then compile and link:
   trxfct trxevalusr
Note that this requires the $TRAX environment variable to be properly set to the TRAX installation directory.
An example to run with a user function is here
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