Image viewer (gif,jpeg,tiff,pbm,pgm,ppm,ps,...)


You may choose to apply the patches from the download site:
patch xvtiff.c /d/ftpsites/ftp.trilon.com/pub/xv/xv-3.10a.TIFF-patch
patch xvjpeg.c /d/ftpsites/ftp.trilon.com/pub/xv/xv-3.10a.JPEG-patch
(The patch utility should be available on most Unices, if not, it can be found on the same download site)

Compilation (V3.10a)

As described in the INSTALL file, adapt config.h and Makefile, necessary, e.g. for compiler options and installation directory.
PS/Ghostscript and gunzip support is optional, but appears useful to me only if non-absolute paths (i.e. via environment variables) could be used.
Apart from that, I found the following modifications in Makefile useful:
BINDIR = /tmp/xv-3.10a/bin
MANDIR = /tmp/xv-3.10a/man/man$(MANSUF)
LIBDIR = /tmp/xv-3.10a/docs   # to receive PS-docs

It is helpful to add creation of installation directories
install: all
	mkdir -p $(BINDIR)
	mkdir -p $(MANDIR)
	mkdir -p $(LIBDIR)
    cp docs/*.ps $(LIBDIR)        # seems a bug fix to me
Moreover, if native JPEG and/or TIFF support is available, one might outcomment their builtin compilation and define their locations instead, e.g.:
JPEGINC = -I/nfs/bio/local.AIX/53/include
JPEGLIB =   /nfs/bio/local.AIX/53/lib/libjpeg.a

TIFFINC = -I/nfs/bio/local.AIX/53/include
TIFFLIB =   /nfs/bio/local.AIX/53/lib/libtiff.a /nfs/bio/local.AIX/53/lib/libz.a
(libz might be necessary for newer versions of libtiff)
Then, simply:
make clean
make install

Last update: 22-Feb-2013, M.Kraemer

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