xtune (Under construction)

Tune player on X-terminal


  1. Adapt the Makefile for platform/compiler specifics, e.g.
    BINDIR = /tmp/xtune-1.1/bin
    MANDIR = /tmp/xtune-1.1/man/mann
    LIBDIR = /tmp/xtune-1.1/lib
    # HP-UX:
    INSTALLP = /opt/imake/bin/bsdinst -s -c -m 755
    INSTALLM = /opt/imake/bin/bsdinst -c -m 644
  2. The install action will have to be manually adapted as well.
  3. Then
    make         # requires root privileges
    make install # requires root privileges

Last update: 4-Oct-2008, M.Kraemer

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