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Unpacking aixpdslib packages (AIX)

These will expand into ./usr/local, so e.g.:
   cd /                        # into /usr/local  
   zcat tcp_wrappers.7.6plusipv6.tar.Z | tar -xvf -
Sometimes this is not what you would want, an alternative for example is:
   cd /opt/                    # into /opt
   mkdir     bzip2-1.0.2
   mkdir usr
   ln -sf ../bzip2-1.0.2 usr/local
   zcat bzip2.1.0.2.tar.Z | tar -xvf -

Unpacking Bull freeware archives (AIX)

.exe archives from Bull will expand into /usr/local, which is unwanted if the machine will be an NFS client using this directory as a mount point. In this case temporarily:
mkdir /opt
ln -s /opt /usr/local
prior to installation. .exe archives are self-extracting archives, which eventually install into /usr/local, e.g.:
chmod u+x openssh-  # executable
openssh-            # self extract
inutoc ./                      # creates a toc, if not there
creates a bff and an asc PGP file. With these files smitty - Install is your friend.


Abbr means
c to be compiled/built
f to be configured
i to be installed
k keyword/license necessary
L to be installed on system disk
p repackaged
t to test
x successfully built/installed
ACD HP-UX Application CD
IUX Ignite UX
SFW Sun Freeware CD
FW Digital UNIX Freeware CD
TB AIX Toolbox
BP AIX Bonus Pack
EP AIX Expansion Pack
SS AIX Software Solution CD
OS part of OS
SPL DEC/Compaq/HP software product library CD

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