WordPerfect installation and customization (Under construction)


Although WP 6.0 installation is pretty straightforward there are a few but annoying pitfalls.
  1. After successful installation wp startup fails with misleading error messages about processes which could not be started. The reasons apparently are erroneous entries in AIX's printer queue definition file, /etc/qconfig, which contain
    Remove such printer definitions ( completely )
  2. Since wp is licensed software, in the app server's /etc/rc.local the licensing has to be started, e.g.:
    if [ "$HOST" = "biori6y" ]
    # start WordPerfect
       if [ -f /bioapps/wp60/shbin10/wplicense ]; then
           /bioapps/wp60/shbin10/wplicense -s &  
    Note that in the license file, shlib10/license.dat, the DAEMON configuration must be specified with all files accessible by the wplicense process.
  3. By default wp assumes a page layout according to US default paper sizes. This causes A4 network printers to insist on manual feed (because a German printer does not know about US formats), which obviously blocks the printer forever.
    To avoid that, the wp admin has to define the A4 paper size once in the Layout-Page-PaperSize menu. Every user also must define his/her page layout to be A4 before trying to print.
The shbin10/wplicense shell script needs write access to some log files. By default these are in the same directory as the script itself. If write access cannot be enabled (e.g. because the software is mounted read-only), modify the script to direct the logfiles to e.g. /var/adm


Prerequisites: WordPerfect 8 installation is straightforward. Apparently it can be run in single-user mode without license keys.
cd /cdrom
install.wp                       # license: WPUXR-3735644R22
/nfs/install/1020/WordPerfect-8  # installation directory (example)
Some usage/configuration hints:
Last Update: 2-Nov-2011, M.Kraemer

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