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Interpreted object-oriented language

Compilation (V2.7.1)

Consult also the README.

AIX 5.3

./configure CC=cc CXX=xlC CFLAGS="-O2 -D_LARGE_FILES -D_THREAD_SAFE -I/nfs/bio/local.AIX/53//" LDFLAGS="-L/nfs/bio/local.AIX/53/lib/" --disable-shared --prefix=/tmp/Python-2.7.1
gives numerous errors, consult make.log. Tries to use ancient /usr/local/*readline,ssl,curses?,tcl-tk, calls compiler with unknown option "t".
Python build finished, but the necessary bits to build these modules were not found:
_bsddb             _curses_panel      _hashlib        
_sqlite3           bsddb185           linuxaudiodev   
ossaudiodev        spwd               sunaudiodev     
To find the necessary bits, look in in detect_modules() for the module'
s name.

Failed to build these modules:
_ctypes            _curses            _ssl            
_tkinter           bz2                readline        


One may set the PYTHONHOME variable to point to the actual installation directory.
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