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X/motif based schedule planner. Includes additional executables netplan, pland


Requires yacc (or bison) and lex (or flex).
Steps are described from unpacking the source to packaging the created binaries:
  1. Unpack the sources, e.g.:
       gunzip -c plan-1.10.1.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
       cd plan-1.10.1
  2. Follow the instructions in the README:
       cd src
    and answer the questions. In most cases just use the defaults. If the target directory should be different, e.g. a temporary one, use:
    installation directory for plan executable? [/usr/local/bin]
    installation directory for system executables (netplan)? [/usr/local/bin]
    installation directory for support executables and files? [/usr/local/lib]
    installation directory for online help file? [/usr/local/lib]
    installation directory for netplan's netplan.dir directory? [/usr/local/lib]
    installation directory prefix for nroff man pages? [/usr/local/man/man]
    installation directory for cat man pages (or NONE)? [/usr/catman/local/cat]
  3. One may modify the created Makefile. In the install section I found useful to add the creation of the man target directories and to replace the copying of holiday files:
    	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(MAN)1 
    	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(MAN)4
    	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(CATMAN)1 
    	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(CATMAN)4
    	-cp ../holiday/holiday_$(HOLIDAY) $(DESTDIR)$(LIB)
  4. Then
       make clean
       make install
  5. Use
       cp -r -p /tmp/plan-1.10.1 $FINALDESTINATION 
    or similar to copy stuff into the final destination.
  6. Create an the export package, if desired, e.g.:
       cd $FINALDESTINATION/plan-1.10.1
       tar -cvf - * | compress > /d/bio/biodev/DUX/ALPHA/51/plan-1.10.1.tar.Z

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