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Simple interactive mail system. Includes the pine, pico, pilot executables

Compilation (V4.64)

Straightforward, follow the README.
  1. Inspect doc/pine-ports to pickup the 3-letter code for your platform.
  2. build clean
    build SSLDIR=/opt/TWWfsw/libopenssl097 ghp            # for HP-UX w/ gcc, SSL
    build SSLDIR=/opt/TWWfsw/libopenssl097 hpx            # for HP-UX w/ native cc, SSL
    build SSLDIR=/nfs/bio/local.AIX/53/openssl-1.0.0d a41 # for AIX>=4.1 w/ native cc, SSL
    build SSLDIR=/bio/local/../61/openssl-1.0.1e a41 EXTRACFLAGS="-O2" EXTRALDFLAGS="-lz  -L/bio/local/../61/lib"
  3. The build script doesn't come with a final install step, so copy it manually to its final location, for example:
    mkdir -p pine-4.64/man/man1
    cp -p -r $COMPILEDIR/pine4.64/doc/*.1 pine-4.64/man/man1
    cp -p -r $COMPILEDIR/pine4.64/doc pine-4.64; rm pine-4.64/doc/*.1
    cp -p -r $COMPILEDIR/pine4.64/bin pine-4.64                      
The executables built by the build script are:

Configuration (V4.64)

For a minimum working pine the following entries need to be filled/modified in .pinerc:   # your IMAP server
        "Mailfolders on Exchange" {}[]
customized-hdrs=From: Mr. Firstname Lastname <>

More: Configure mailreaders
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