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GUI style plain text editor for Xwindows/Motif

Compilation (V5.5)

Consult the README. Otherwise straightforward:
   make aix      # AIX 7.1, C 12.1
                 # manual installation:
   mkdir -p /tmp/nedit-5.5/bin
   cp source/nedit /tmp/nedit-5.5/bin            
   cp source/nc    /tmp/nedit-5.5/bin
   mkdir -p /tmp/nedit-5.5/man/mann
   cp doc/ /tmp/nedit-5.5/man/mann/nedit.n
   cp doc/    /tmp/nedit-5.5/man/mann/nc.n
   mkdir -p /tmp/nedit-5.5/doc
   cp doc/nedit.doc /tmp/nedit-5.5/doc
   cp doc/faq.txt   /tmp/nedit-5.5/doc
   mkdir -p /tmp/nedit-5.5/html
   cp doc/nedit.html /tmp/nedit-5.5/html

   cp COPYRIGHT    /tmp/nedit-5.5/
   cp README       /tmp/nedit-5.5/
   cp ReleaseNotes /tmp/nedit-5.5/

                 # alternative way, unfortunately not quite standard
   make dist-bin # goes into current folder

Notes for AIX

In makefiles/Makefile.aix one may modify:
   LIBS= -lm -lXm -lXmu -lXt -lX11 -lPW
To avoid the alleged optimizer bug (unfortunately the developers didn't tell which C version they used), I inserted in the critical source, source/textDisp.c:
   #pragma options nooptimize

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